Q & A | The 3U – Turns of my Life


Tell us what is this book all about?
It falls under the romance genre, and is a love story. But I think it’s more than that. And as the catch line is love-race-destiny, it’s as much a story of the historic competition – CA vs MBA. Or an introvert guy vs extrovert guy. And who will eventually win life’s race.

Is the story based on any real life events from your life?
It involves mention and inspiration from quite a few real life events, such as the Gujarat earthquake in 2001, the financial crisis of 2008, the recent corruption scams that have erupted in India, including the Lavasa hill city scam of Maharashtra and the 2G spectrum, and media’s habit of sensationalizing issues and creating nicknames such as King Khan, Big B, Mr. Perfectionist, Bad Boy and Corporate lobbyist.

Tell us about the lead characters of the book?
This story is about three school friends. Manav Modi, who happens to be down to earth and simple and a CA; Deepak Mehra who is flamboyant, rich and an MBA; and the girl Urvashi Doshi, who is a bold, modern and independent girl and very ambitious to  works for a PR agency.

Is there any message you wish to convey through this book?
If you wish to, you will learn from every chapter of this book. If you don’t, then this is pure entertainment. Though there are things like success mantras – including the 5Ds-Determination, dedication, devotion, discipline and destiny – the book also shows how one needs to be smart and presentable for an overall victory over life’s tough situations.

Who are the target audience of this book?
This book should appeal to everyone who has struggled to reach where they are. To those who are successful, and to those who are still trying. To those who have found love and stability, and to those who are on their way. In fact, people from myriad professions will find this book enjoyable.

But most of all, this book is for ‘young India’ – young in age, and at heart.

Do you have any message for your readers?
This book will make you laugh and cry. It’s truly entertaining.

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